CEO Tools –  Kraig Kramers, a master businessman, speaker, turn around specialist, CEO, not to  mention energetic and fun guy. – This site sells materials that explain the Theory of Constraints body of knowledge.

Goldratt’s Marketing Group – This site features videos which explain Theory of Constraint concepts.  Many are of Eli Goldratt.

The American Apparel Producers Network – The American Apparel Producers Network (AAPN) is group of manufacturers throughout the Americas and the companies that support them. Taken together the network is a capable, cost effective and, not less importantly, fast response supply chain to retailers.  – CGN offers a comprehensive spectrum of consulting expertise that delivers cost savings and operational improvement in the short-term and sustainable strategic advantage in the long term.

Nous Consulting – Nous Consulting in Italy is a partner using IDEA’s Elucidate methodology to improve flow and availability of physical goods through supply chains.