Having the Right People on the Bus

By: Henry F. Camp


Businesses make many mistakes.  Perhaps none are as damaging as mistakes hiring.

At Eli Goldratt’s recent “Now and Into the Future” event in Pittsburgh, he suggested that the only real and lasting constraint of any organization is management attention.  The endemic problem is that “Bad Multitasking” (switching between myriad priorities instead of focusing on and finishing the important) wastes most of each manager’s time.  It is no surprise that a common thread between Jim Collins’ and Jerry Porras’ “Built to Last” companies is that they operate like a “clock”, meaning that there is simplicity, focus and, therefore, less Bad Multitasking.

If most companies’ managers are guilty of Bad Multitasking, then hiring often happens without necessity.  My friend Bill Rhind, a TOC consultant and owner at P3 wrote a prescription on the issue.

The tweet below meets my quality over quantity expectations.  Is a hire really a good decision for the whole company or just a good decision for some part or person, possibly at the expense of the whole and certainly of profitability?

@hfcamp Henry Fitzhugh Camp

Here is some clean thinking about hiring http://linkd.in/gmLwzC Theory of Constraints-wise

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