When the Last should be First

By: Henry F. Camp   Sometimes the lowest paid and least senior people in a company are the most important to its success.  How do we know when to treat them like kings and when to send them out to pick up our dry cleaning?  Actually, it is pretty easy. We often think the relative […]

When Flow Doesn’t

By: Henry F. Camp   How come work gets stalled?  And why doesn’t it get going again? Stagnated flow is natural in a world without humans but unnatural in work flow, since the people at the office have an affinity for order. In every company, there is flow.  We take advantage of the flow to get work accomplished.  The […]

The Passing of a Giant

By: Henry F. Camp   I bring you the last exhortation from Eliyahu M. Goldratt, guru to business, author, scientist and thinker. The knowledge exists right now to make the world a much better place.  As Sir Isaac Newton famously wrote “If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders […]

The Four Principles of Flow

By: Henry F. Camp   A distillation of the core of Eli Goldratt’s wonderful article “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants”.  I think you will find this simple and powerful, as well as accessible. Improving flow is the main objective of a business Implement a mechanism to prevent excess inventory [1] Eliminate local efficiencies Balance […]

Retail Explosion

By: Henry F. Camp   We coined the name “SmartProducts” to mean products that seem to know how to never run out on the shelf without ever being in surplus either.  Demand Pull, TOC Replenishment, Consumer Driven Stocking, Retail Flow, whatever you call it, it drives profits by making sure consumers get what they came […]

Reliable High Returns Require Low Risk

By: Henry F. Camp   How we are investing in our own operational ability to create a decisive competitive edge, capitalize on it in large enough markets without exhausting our resources and while undertaking less risk. From Warren Buffett, a person I greatly admire, comes simple wisdom:   … investing is forgoing consumption now in […]

Raison d’être

By: Henry F. Camp   IDEA exists to accelerate world prosperity. Investment in continuous improvement is supported in an environment of steady reliable growth.  One of the biggest impediments to steady reliable growth is recession.  Recessions are a leading cause of uncertainty.  Uncertainty is an obstacle to investment.  So, for IDEA to achieve its goal, […]

Quit throwing away your investments

By: Henry F. Camp   Too much investment in inventory is wasted.  And, most of it is unnecessary.  If you need to stock inventory to protect sales or productivity, make sure you are getting a return on that investment. One of Elucidate’s powerful benefits is reduced obsolescence.  It is a rare company indeed that doesn’t sometimes get stuck with […]

Profit’s Three-Legged Stool

By: Henry F. Camp   What must a company do to become and remain profitable? We all know the necessary elements for sustainable profits. They are Gross Profit in excess of Operating Expense, supported by lower relative Investment than competitors. The first two result in current profits while the last makes it sustainable, despite the […]


By: Henry F. Camp   Mankind’s problem is trying to nicely arrange individual pebbles, not perceiving them as parts of a boulder. I think of LEAN, TPS, TQM and TOC as branches off the same tree.  Understanding their knowledge provides us perspectives from which we attempt to comprehend and deal with reality. If it works … […]