Raison d’être

By: Henry F. Camp   IDEA exists to accelerate world prosperity. Investment in continuous improvement is supported in an environment of steady reliable growth.  One of the biggest impediments to steady reliable growth is recession.  Recessions are a leading cause of uncertainty.  Uncertainty is an obstacle to investment.  So, for IDEA to achieve its goal, […]

Quit throwing away your investments

By: Henry F. Camp   Too much investment in inventory is wasted.  And, most of it is unnecessary.  If you need to stock inventory to protect sales or productivity, make sure you are getting a return on that investment. One of Elucidate’s powerful benefits is reduced obsolescence.  It is a rare company indeed that doesn’t sometimes get stuck with […]

Profit’s Three-Legged Stool

By: Henry F. Camp   What must a company do to become and remain profitable? We all know the necessary elements for sustainable profits. They are Gross Profit in excess of Operating Expense, supported by lower relative Investment than competitors. The first two result in current profits while the last makes it sustainable, despite the […]


By: Henry F. Camp   Mankind’s problem is trying to nicely arrange individual pebbles, not perceiving them as parts of a boulder. I think of LEAN, TPS, TQM and TOC as branches off the same tree.  Understanding their knowledge provides us perspectives from which we attempt to comprehend and deal with reality. If it works … […]

Must What Goes Up Come Down?

By: Henry F. Camp   Clients tell me that they can get fill rates up but they can’t keep them up, even if they throw inventory at the problem.  When fill rates drop so do sales and turns.  It is possible to get both fill rates and turns up and keep them up.  Read on to […]

Having the Right People on the Bus

By: Henry F. Camp   Businesses make many mistakes.  Perhaps none are as damaging as mistakes hiring. At Eli Goldratt’s recent “Now and Into the Future” event in Pittsburgh, he suggested that the only real and lasting constraint of any organization is management attention.  The endemic problem is that “Bad Multitasking” (switching between myriad priorities […]

Happy Gold Anniversary Little’s Law

By: Henry F. Camp   A VERY quick way to get faster production and more profits from a factory or any other system.   Fifty years ago John D. C. Little, a Boston native and now a professor at his alma mater MIT, proved what is now referred to as Little’s Law.  The Law is […]

Fill Rate vs Availability

By: Henry F. Camp   Fill rate is from the customer’s point of view, which is the only important one.  It measures how fully the orders placed by customers today can be filled immediately from the on hand inventory. But, ask yourself if fill rate measurements capture all the negative impacts on a customer.  For […]

Connectedness and Deming

By: Henry F. Camp   Thanks to Mark Stanley who sent this corroborating explanation from Dr. W. Edwards Deming pointing out the tight congruence between my Connectedness and Deming’s Interdependence.   Excerpt from: Deming – The New Economics – Pages 96 / 97   Coming from different theoretical starting points, through experimentation and observation Ford, Ohno, […]

The Engines of Disharmony

If your culture is positive, it is despite Engines of Disharmony that result in turnover, getting less done, sub-optimization and a degree of dissatisfaction at all levels.  On June 8, 2009, Eli Goldratt wrote the following letter which is powerfully applicable to all of us.  IDEA attacks these engines directly converting them into Engines of […]