Drum Buffer Rope and Buffer Management in a Make-to-Stock Environment

By: Eli Schragenheim and Rudi Burkhard   Introduction During the 80ies, Drum Buffer Rope assumed a make-to-order (MTO) environment. Since many implementations of DBR had at least some make-to-stock (MTS) production, we simply transformed a stock order into an MTO by giving it a due date. We probably did not give sufficient thought to the […]

A Frame of Reference for a Constraints Management Approach

By: Debra S. Reynard   How Does It Compare with Traditional Operations Management Theories, and Where Does My Company Fall? Many traditional approaches to operations management have fallen from favor as today’s business climate has evolved. Other more recent efforts have proven to be a “flash in the pan.” The Theory of Constraints has continued […]

Communication and Buy-in in Logistics Changes

By: Linda Nowakowski   Can you remember a time when you came up with an idea to make a change and it was so great you could not contain your excitement? It was so incredible you could not wait to tell other people about your idea. Not only were you feeling fully engaged, you were […]

Combining TOC, Lean and six Sigma

Combining TOC, Lean, and Six Sigma makes the most sense and generates the best results, as documented in this May 2006 APICS Magazine article.   Continuous Improvement Trio The top elements of TOC, lean, and six sigma make beautiful music together By: Reza M. Pirasteh , Ph.D. and Kimberly S. Farah , Ph.D.y You hear […]

When the Last should be First

By: Henry F. Camp   Sometimes the lowest paid and least senior people in a company are the most important to its success.  How do we know when to treat them like kings and when to send them out to pick up our dry cleaning?  Actually, it is pretty easy. We often think the relative […]

When Flow Doesn’t

By: Henry F. Camp   How come work gets stalled?  And why doesn’t it get going again? Stagnated flow is natural in a world without humans but unnatural in work flow, since the people at the office have an affinity for order. In every company, there is flow.  We take advantage of the flow to get work accomplished.  The […]

The Passing of a Giant

By: Henry F. Camp   I bring you the last exhortation from Eliyahu M. Goldratt, guru to business, author, scientist and thinker. The knowledge exists right now to make the world a much better place.  As Sir Isaac Newton famously wrote “If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders […]

The Four Principles of Flow

By: Henry F. Camp   A distillation of the core of Eli Goldratt’s wonderful article “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants”.  I think you will find this simple and powerful, as well as accessible. Improving flow is the main objective of a business Implement a mechanism to prevent excess inventory [1] Eliminate local efficiencies Balance […]

Retail Explosion

By: Henry F. Camp   We coined the name “SmartProducts” to mean products that seem to know how to never run out on the shelf without ever being in surplus either.  Demand Pull, TOC Replenishment, Consumer Driven Stocking, Retail Flow, whatever you call it, it drives profits by making sure consumers get what they came […]

Reliable High Returns Require Low Risk

By: Henry F. Camp   How we are investing in our own operational ability to create a decisive competitive edge, capitalize on it in large enough markets without exhausting our resources and while undertaking less risk. From Warren Buffett, a person I greatly admire, comes simple wisdom:   … investing is forgoing consumption now in […]